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Course Name: Excel Pivot Tables
CPD Hours: 1
Type: Online/Video
Price: $60 $54

This video discusses excel functions that every accountant should know. The content in this video is designed for intermediate excel users.

This is an area that CPAs in both public practice and industry come across.

- How to Build a Pivot Table
- Formatting and Verifying Table Data
- Dynamic Ranges
- Self Contained Pivot Tables

What is Pivot Table?
What You'll Learn Today
How to Build a Pivot Table
Verify Data is Interpreting Correctly
Formatting Data for a Pivot Table
Dynamic Ranges
Creating Count, Percentage, and Combination Pivot Tables
Making a List of the Unique Values in a Dataset
Self Contained Pivot Tables
Grouping in Pivot Tables
Labeling Pivot Tables
Pivot Charts
Extracting Pivot Table Data
Pivot Table Design Choices
Pivot Table Slicers
Tabs in Pivot Tables
Calculated Fields
Recommended Pivot Tables