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Course Name: ChatGPT for Accountants
CPD Hours: 2
Type: Online/Video
Price: $120 $108

This course provides an overview of ChatGPT. These are emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that create contents, answer questions, generate code, and perform countless other cognitive tasks in natural language. This new wave of intelligent software is arguably revolutionary and it’s only getting started. This course analyzes their key use cases, limitations, potential risks, and impacts on the accounting industry. It is designed for accountants who wish to enhance their awareness and proficiency in emerging AI technologies, including GPT, to ensure their continued relevance and success as trusted business advisors, value stewards, and guardians of public trust. In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying ahead of the curve with AI knowledge is crucial.

Why GPT is a Game Changer
Economic Impact
Changing AI Landscape
GPT QuickStart
Prompt Engineering
Core Productivity Prompts for Accountants
50 Popular GPT Prompts for Accountants
GPT Starter Strategy for Accountants
AI Tools