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Course Name: COVID-19 - Business Interruption Claim
CPD Hours: 1 Hour
Type: Online/Video
Price: $60 $54

The impacts on businesses as a result of COVID-19 have been well documented. One of the key ways to mitigate the financial cost of these interruptions is to determine if your business can recover losses under its insurance policy.

However, whether or not insurance policies cover business interruption (BI) caused by COVID-19 continues to be a topic of debate.

In this course, we'll discuss the current Australian landscape regarding COVID-19 BI claims.

The panel outlined:

- The first Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) test case - A win for policyholders, but what does it mean?
- The second ICA test case - What are the Courts currently considering and how might this impact your business' insurance policy?
- What has occurred in the United Kingdom - The key quantum issues that have arisen when making a claim
- What can be done now - Reserve your rights to make a claim.