Course Details

Course Name: COVID-19 - Cash Flow Management
CPD Hours: 0.5 Hours
Type: Online/Video
Price: $30

As the Government stimulus measures and bank concessions will taper off or come to a complete stop in the near future, it is imperative that businesses are as prepared as possible to deal with the 'rebuild' phase, particularly those negatively impacted by COVID-19.

This course is focused on the following:

- Cash Flow preparation and management
- How to avoid a cash burn
- Common cash flow mistakes
- A Step Plan for business impacted by COVID-19.
- You will gain insights into what is needed to deal with the 'new normal' and provide pathways forward in mapping out and taking ownership of your 'rebuild' strategies.

What We'll Cover Today
What is a Cash Flow Forecast?
Why Do I Need a Cash Flow Flowcast?
Avoid a Cash Burn
Common Cash Flow Mistakes
A Step Plan For Businesses Impacted By Covid-19