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Course Name: COVID-19 - Federal & NSW Government Stimulus Packages
CPD Hours: 1 Hour
Type: Online/Video
Price: $60 $54

There have been many announcements over the past week about additional stimulus measures from both the Australian and New South Wales governments. It’s understandable that for many leaders, knowing which measures may apply to your organisation and its people can feel like an additional burden in what is already a challenging time.

This course have been analysing the announcements and what they mean for New South Wales businesses.

We step through what you need to know including:
Federal and State stimulus measures, detailing their practical application.
Relevant legislation changes, and how to proactively take action.

Assistance for Small Business and NFP Sector
Assistance for Small Business and NFP Sector 2
Instant Asset Write Off
Investment Incentive
ATO Relief
Job Keeper Wage Subsidy
Early Access to Superannuation
FBT Issues
Other States and Territories